Hello, my real name is Michael, I am musician from Novosibirsk, Russia. I write music many years. The style of my compositions are New age, Dream and Trance.
     In 2002 I created my first album made from the compositions written in the period from 1998 to 2002. It doesn't pretend to be fully professional because it's contents are of quite different style. However I worked hard and choose the best compositions I wrote during this period. The most part of the tracks from this album are presented in mono mp3, 16KHz format. Also there are some links to original MT2 files and the link to a mp3 composition which stored with 128kbps bitrate. If you like my demotracks and you want to support my work you can order my CD-R audio disk with cover. It will cost you $15 for one disk plus the shipment price. Also if you have any suggestions on issuing my music or using it in commercial purposes you can write me to eternalengine@ngs.ru
      At present time I work on the commercial trance album.

MT2 Source Files:
Demo MP3 Files
32kbps & 320kbps    

Another Worlds(35k) Winner of the Russian Chip Tune Compo 1999
White Rose (3.46mb) Winner of the First Big Mad Tracker 2 Compo 2001
Hyperion (7.17mb) Nine place in Second Big Mad Tracker 2 Compo 2003
Earth (1.55mb)
Summer Dreams (2.62mb)
Mizoxil (3.52mb)

For full enjoyment I suggest you to use Mad Tracker for listening to my
MT2 files.     

White Rose (1273k)
Afterglow (1170k)
Earth (1004k)
Lonely Star (1311k)
Black Hole (669k)
Lost In The Chasm (1225k)
Stellar Valley (978k)
Another Worlds (1161k)
Lost Eden (1030k)
Summer Dreams (1023k)
Mizoxil (1253k)
Hyperion (1236k)
Look To The Future (1017k)           

White Rose (320kbps, 15 sec)
Afterglow (320kbps, 15 sec)
Earth (320kbps, 12 sec)
Lonely Star (320kbps, 12 sec)
Black Hole (320kbps, 11 sec)
Lost In The Chasm (320kbps, 14 sec)
Stellar Valley (320kbps, 7 sec)
Another Worlds (320kbps, 9 sec)
Lost Eden (320kbs, 13 sec)
Summer Dreams (320kbps, 11 sec)
Mizoxil (320kbps, 10 sec)
Hyperion (320kbps, 13 sec)
Look To The Future (320kbps, 22 sec)

     128kbps mp3 single "Look To The Future"